It’s almost winter, people!

Winter will probably punish me for saying this, but fall doesn’t really impress me.  It tries hard with its pretty leaf action and moderate temperatures, but I know what’s coming.  It’s always the same pattern with fall. First the time changes and then fall is all like, “Look over here, forget that the sun is setting at 5pm, look at these pretty leaves everywhere, don’t you like how they crunch under your feet as you walk? Look. Look at me. Don’t you think I’m pretty!?”

Coco chills out

Coco keeps an eye on her kingdom (the back yard) from a throne of dead leaves.

Luckily this year there is a bright shining light, a month from now, that burns for us in sunny, Miami… our wedding! And that makes the changing of seasons more tolerable!  Even when every bush in the yard is shedding little tiny spiky seeds, and Coco cleans them all up in her hair!

Coco look at your face!

Forgive her for she knows not what she does.

“]”]son of a female dog

son of a female dog

But then she goes and totally redeems herself by being cute.


Obsessed with Charlie.

She thinks I'm alright.

The honeymoon registry is live!

Instead of adding more housewares to our gift registry, we (Charlie) put together a Honeymoon Registry! Now if someone is so kind as to get us a wedding gift, it can be something exciting like a bicycle tour of a Mediterranean seaside town!

But wait, there’s more!  If you act now, we will send you a picture of us enjoying whatever Mediterranean tour activity you have gifted us with, together with our Thank You card!