Consumption Reports: CPK Crispy Thin Crust

If you’re like me, you’ve caught yourself trying to come up with new ideas to nourish your strapping handsome bridegroom.  If you know us well, you know that Charlie cooks (better) more than I do, so you won’t be surprised to know that when presented with the opportunity to cook dinner, I defaulted to picadillo? beef bourguignon? blinking like I Dream of Jeannie hoping real food will appear? a pizza from my grocer’s freezer.  Not just any pizza, a California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust Spinach & Artichoke pizza (I’ve seen fatter Cuban crackers).  The website refers to the pizza as “thin and beautiful.”  Labeling something, “thin and beautiful,” despite its having more fat than a vending machine cinnamon sticky bun (I know those things well) explains everything that is wrong with our society, and this pizza is no exception.  “Thin and beautiful” is okay for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but just like a model in [insert magazine that doesn’t pay me to mention them] looks okay on the cover, in real life… SIMPLY STARVING.  Take a look at how the cardboard upon which the pizza sat was almost thicker than the food item itself.  How can any respectable woman feed this to her Brawny man?  And then what am I supposed to eat?  A frozen pie crust full of shame?

So whatever you do, don’t let the cheesy spinachy-ness fool you!  Don’t pay $7 thinking this pizza will do anything other than make you think, “gahhh, I’m still hungry.”  Unless you want to follow that up with a hot dog I threw in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Ceremony Site!

Vow exchangeWe have our gravitas, it’s officially official!  The ceremony will be at Coral Gables Congregational.  Mark your GPSs!

Another Day Another Collar

Carats and Sticks

Step away from the periodicals section.  I am proof that print media is not completely doomed.  I waited forever to even *touch* a bridal magazine.  Not wanting to jinx it, I bought my first bridal magazine the day after we got engaged at a Penn Station book store.  Turns out, buying a bridal magazine is like paying for pages and pages of advertisements.  Advertisements for dresses, veils, invitations, plates, honeymoon hotels and rings… oh, the rings… the whopping, planetary, over-sized rings.  It turns out, though, that all of the magazines say the same things, which is not much compared to all the pages of ads.  I realized the first magazine didn’t have much substance, so I bought another, and another, and… I’m done now.  At least until the Winter Martha Stewart Weddings comes out (on December 26th).  Bridal Binge

Chief Operations Officer of the Big Day

We have a Miami-based wedding planner! It probably goes without saying that planning a wedding from 1,059 miles away has had it’s hurdles.  In order to make our, and our moms’ lives, more serene we have decided to enlist the help of Carmen Becerra, Professional Wedding and Quince (the Hispanic version of a sweet sixteen) Coordinator.  And since a wedding is something of a “treintañera” (second anniversary of your sweet sixteen), we are confident she will be a great plus to the team.  She helped put together my cousin’s wedding last year, which ended up being a complete BLAST, so we are very excited to get her on-board.

A Miami Wedding Plan is Born

The operation plan is starting to come together!  We have a date, and a location for the reception!  We are very excited about this location.  Charlie went to high school a block away, and the view is incredible.  Before Christmas, we will be celebrating at Key Biscayne’s Rusty Pelican.  Rusty Pelican will be closed from July 1 to December 1 for a complete remodel.  So, our fingers are crossed that Murphy’s Law and the Miami Municipal Laws of Construction Tardation do not apply and they open back up 16 days before we’re set to celebrate.  If not, the reception may be held at… well that’s just not an option.   This is the view facing west from the room:

Wake Up Coco, You’re Dreaming…

Coco is obsessed with Charlie.  The proof is in the pictures.  I can’t blame her.  There is music to the video, so make sure your speakers are on.