Did I mention his brother was in the bushes?

I explained that the engagement began with a stroll through the High Line park in New York City.  The High Line is a new park that was created from an old 1930s elevated rail system intended to keep freight trains off the streets.  For those of you in Miami, this is like if they shut down the Metrorail, and made it all an above-ground park, except for a park that you don’t have to worry about people mugging you at gunpoint.

It turned out that Chris, Charlie’s brother, and his girlfriend, Tanya, had been hiding in the bushes taking pictures of us, paparazzi-style, with sunglasses and a zoom lens!  Ultimately, there were too many people there to propose, as you’ll see from the pictures.  It was awesome to have Chris and Tanya be a part if it, even if I didn’t know they were there!

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