Carats and Sticks

Step away from the periodicals section.  I am proof that print media is not completely doomed.  I waited forever to even *touch* a bridal magazine.  Not wanting to jinx it, I bought my first bridal magazine the day after we got engaged at a Penn Station book store.  Turns out, buying a bridal magazine is like paying for pages and pages of advertisements.  Advertisements for dresses, veils, invitations, plates, honeymoon hotels and rings… oh, the rings… the whopping, planetary, over-sized rings.  It turns out, though, that all of the magazines say the same things, which is not much compared to all the pages of ads.  I realized the first magazine didn’t have much substance, so I bought another, and another, and… I’m done now.  At least until the Winter Martha Stewart Weddings comes out (on December 26th).  Bridal Binge

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